Kemila Bahiru Office Assistant
Kemila has served as office assistant with STEM Synergy since 2015.
Kemila Bahiru
Office Assistant
Anteneh Fisseha STEM Center Coordinator
Anteneh brings a wide range of experience and accomplishments to his role with STEM Synergy. Before working with STEM Synergy he graduated from Addis Ababa University with a dual degree in Business Administration and Information Systems on top of an advanced diploma he received in Electrical Engineering. After his time at university he spent 13 years first as an instructor at the Defense Engineering University for eight years, then as a coordinator with Gondar STEM Center, after which he went on to work as an expert at the Addis Ababa STEM Center under the guidance of the Ethiopian Society of Electrical Engineers.
Anteneh Fisseha
STEM Center Coordinator
Mark Gelfand Founder

Mark Gelfand created STEM Synergy (and its predecessor the Gelfand Family Charitable Trust) because of a passion for science&engineering, as well as a desire to give forward. His mission is to see all students have access to the same kind of quality STEM education experience that he had in the United States. After witnessing deserving students achieve success at Yemin Orde Youth Village in Israel, he knew that if given the opportunity, students in developing nations could thrive and become scientists and engineers in their communities. He is also involved in helping build the industrial capacity of Ethiopian exports though TodayTomorrow Ventures.

Mark Gelfand earned his B.S. in Physics at Carnegie-Mellon University.

His motto: "Inside every child is a scientist"

Mark Gelfand
Getachew Gezahegn Executive Director/Country Representative of Ethiopia
Getachew, a native of Ethiopia, is the Ethiopian Representative on our team of Executive Directors. Before getting involved in STEM education he freelanced as a consultant and researcher for NGO’s and other private firms for 10 years. He then gave over 21 years to the Ethiopian Ministry of Education and the National Science and Technology Center, teaching physics and offering his expertise in mathematics and physics. He holds a B.S. in Physics and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.
Getachew Gezahegn
Executive Director/Country Representative of Ethiopia
Tsegaye Legesse, President
Tsegaye Legesse, CPA President

Tsegaye Legesse serves as President on STEM Synergy’s Board of Directors. Currently, he works as a Project Manager for a federal financial management consulting group.

Tsegaye is also the founder/CEO of Hulu (Diversified) Financial Consulting. He brings over 20 years of combined professional work experiences in Accounting, Finance, Investment, Leadership, Strategic Planning and Project Management.

In prior roles, Tsegaye served as Accounting Manager in the National Institute of Health (FAES) in Bethesda, MD, as an Assistant Controller at SEIU Pension and Health Care Funds in Washington DC, and as a manager in government and nonprofits in the DC area.

In Ethiopia, he was Communication Officer at World Vision International.

Tsegaye received his BA in Accounting and MBA in Finance & Decision Sciences from the University of Baltimore /Towson. He graduated with great honor in Educational Leadership from Addis  Ababa University, Ethiopia.

Tsegaye earned his CPA certificate in the US.

Tsegaye Legesse, CPA
M/Tech Abate Kassa Retired emeritus, Head of Electronics
Abate Kassa is a veteran electrical engineer with nearly 50 years of experience. After gaining his accounting diploma from Addis Ababa University, his studies took him to the Soviet Republic and the United States. He worked as a lab instructor at the Defense Engineering College in Ethiopia after spending some time in the air force there.
M/Tech Abate Kassa
Retired emeritus, Head of Electronics
W/Ro Yemisrach Kassahun Support Staff
Yemisrach has worked closely with the executive staff at Foka Science and Engineering center since it first opened its doors. She holds a diploma in computer science, and occasionally mentors the students and assists in technical education.
W/Ro Yemisrach Kassahun
Support Staff
Eyoel Hailu Mamo CTO
Eyoel Mamo is an Executive Director of STEM Synergy offering his service as Chief Technology Officer. He graduated with honors from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Trans-disciplinary Innovation Program with a BS in Computer Science. He is also a certified CCNA with over 14 years of experience in project management, education, industrial system design, network administration and installation, and server-based systems.
Eyoel Hailu Mamo
M/Tech Tadesse W/Mariyam Retired emeritus, Head of Mechanics
Tadesse has worked as a mechanical engineer for over 45 years. He earned his advanced diploma in mechanical engineering from Addis Ababa University then continued his education in Germany, Bulgaria, and the United States. He returned to Ethiopia to work in the Air Force and as an instructor at the Defense University.
M/Tech Tadesse W/Mariyam
Retired emeritus, Head of Mechanics
Yisehak Shata, Treasurer
Yisehak Shata, PE Treasurer

Yisehak Shata serves as Treasurer on STEM Synergy's Board of Directors. 

Yisehak is a Senior Project Manager for Branch Civil Company that is very well known in transportation and infrastructural development in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast United States. He is responsible for Project Management of heavy civil construction, design-build, and site development. He has been with the same firm for the last 14 years.  

Yisehak brings over a total of 18 years of experience in project management experiences including but not limited to planning, organizing, staffing, directing, controlling and executing. Before he moved to the US, he worked in Ethiopia for South Roads Authority and Contractors as a civil engineer for 4 years.

Yisehak is very interested in utilizing technology to bring meaningful development in Ethiopia. 

Yisehak received BS in Civil Engineering from Addis Ababa University and Master of Engineering in Project Management from University of Maryland.  

Yisehak has earned his PE (Professional Engineer) license from the state of Maryland and Virginia.


Yisehak Shata, PE
Kidist Gebreamlak, Executive Director
Kidist Gebreamlak Executive Director

Kidist Gebreamlak serves as Executive Director of STEM Synergy, and has served on its Board of Directors. 

Prior to this role, Kidist was a program specialist at the Center for Global Health Impact and the Institute for Leadership Impact at Southern Methodist University. She worked in project development at the Corporation for National & Community Service, and in consulting and program support for the World Bank Group. She also served as a research assistant at George Mason University and at the Institute for Security Studies.

Kidist earned her B.A. in International Development at George Mason University and her M.A. in Sustainable Development from the School for International Training. She is currently pursuing her Doctor of Liberal Studies (D.L.S.) at Southern Methodist University. Her research focuses on human-centered design thinking for sustainable development in the context of sub-Saharan Africa.

Kidist loves Mediterranean cuisine, almost as much as she enjoys injera be wot (a traditional Ethiopian food).


Kidist Gebreamlak
Executive Director
Tewodros Atirsaw Head of Optics

Tewodros earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2017, at Bahir Dar Institute of Technology,

Tewodros Atirsaw
Head of Optics
Michael Meressa Head of Mechanics

Michael earned his B. S. degree from Hawassa University in the field of Electromechanical Engineering.

He has worked as a HVAC system supervisor and in the FDRE Air Force UAV production department.

Michael Meressa
Head of Mechanics
Eyob Ayichew Head of Electronics

Eyob earned his B. S. in Electrical Engineering, at the Ethiopian Defense Engineering College. His academic specialization was in Electrical Equipment Design.

Eyob has more than 6 years of experience in the Ethiopia Air Force, serving as electronics and electrical specialist, electrical&electronics workshop supervisor, Avionics section head, and electronics&electrical course lecturer. He also has 2 years experience working at Glitter Biomedical Technology, where he installed and programmed PLC and Microcontroller-based machines.

Eyob Ayichew
Head of Electronics
Melaku Tesfaye Finance and Administration
Melaku earned his B. A. in Accounting from Addis Ababa University. He has more than 15 years of experience in different organizations as Accountant, Senior Accountant, Account Personnel Head, and most recently as Finance and Personnel Officer.
Melaku Tesfaye
Finance and Administration