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Science Museums Broaden Community Horizons

Science museums are a platform for discovery in an environment that is fun and captivating for students, teachers, parents and other community members alike. In order for STEM education to take root in developing communities, it is crucial for students to share their excitement with peers and elders outside of the classroom. The Science Museum at Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (AASM), offers access to interactive exhibits that encourage visitors to engage independently with both familiar and novel subject matter.
This solidifies previously gained knowledge while inspiring visitors young and old to explore unfamiliar topics more readily. AASM is the first museum of its kind in Ethiopia drawing over 5000 new visitors each year. With the help of Israel’s MadaTech, STEM Synergy is working rigorously to complete two new science museums in the cities of Aksum and Mekele, Ethiopia.


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Sharing STEM’s Diversity

Students’ fascination with STEM grows when they realize how diverse the world of science and engineering really is. That’s why AASM has committed to providing exhibits in these specific areas:

  • Physics
  • Solar System
  • Optics
  • Engineering & Mechanics
  • Electricity
...before visiting the museum scientific concepts like buoyancy of air among others seemed like a very complex to grasp. The museum, not only made such concepts crystal clear but also something that can’t be forgotten easily.
– Amanuel Biniam, Student
The museum helped my students not only to experience the scientific laws and principles practically, but it inspired them to devise projects of similar nature. It closes the gap between theory and practice.
– Dr. Sileshi Yitbarek, Teacher
I feel exalted to be a Director of a science Museum which is an amazing establishment and the only one of its kind all over the Nation. Reflecting on my past experience as a student it has compelled me to regret the lost time in my strive to understand science from books. This bad feeling is now compensated by my present capacity as a Director of the Science Museum which can serve as a podium for students of all level to grasp science concepts with the help of the well balanced interactive exhibits.
– Alebachew Tilahun, Director

We’re Partners to Scale Success

Projects like the Science Museum at AASTU rely on support from our partnerships in order to be successful. These connections ensure that our efforts remain sustainable, ethical, and in tune with the needs of the communities we work in.
Addis Ababa Science and Technology University
Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (AASTU) is a prestigious Ethiopian university, offering one of the top undergraduate and graduate-level STEM programs in East Africa. AASTU draws a large number of STEM center students and alumni through its doors each year.
Addis Ababa Science and Technology University
MadaTech is Israel’s national museum of science, technology and space, offering innovative exhibits in astronomy, green energy, behavioral science, photography, aviation and more. Their outreach initiatives have helped seed successful projects all over Israel, and now Ethiopia.
Ministry of Science and Technology
The Ministry’s vision is strongly aligned with STEM Synergy’s mission to catalyze economic and infrastructural growth by investing in the education of Ethiopia’s youth. It their energy and ambition that make AASM more impactful and far-reaching.
Ministry of Science and Technology