Foka Science and Engineering STEM Center

Established in 2010

At The Center of a Vision

Less than a decade ago, Foka STEM Center was the site of a primary school that served 800 of southern Bishoftu’s youth. In dimly lit classrooms built from mud and hay, teachers taught a minimum of 60 students at a time. Now, Foka STEM Center is the nucleus of STEM educational development for all of Ethiopia.

What started as a small undertaking to make the school’s soccer field safer for students, resulted in a large scale community project, involving the nearby Defense Engineering College, national, regional, and local government representatives. After two years of construction, the implementation and the STEM Center itself has become the model for every new STEM center project that has been built since.

Participation Increase
Local Schools

Foka STEM Center Programming

Foka STEM Center gives students of all ages access to high-quality STEM education in multiple ways and continues to be a source of inspiration for new programs and initiatives throughout Ethiopia by providing diverse experiential learning opportunities like:

  • Basic Training in STEM for 7th and 8th graders
  • Hosting a Science Fair and Competition
  • Offering mentorship to future Foka teachers through Internship programs
  • Giving students access to high quality STEM labs through the University Outreach Program
  • Introducing younger children to STEM subjects early through the Organizing Children Program
The center helps me to blend my thinking with technology, so that I can solve any problems with the community and working environment.
– Abirham Wondafrash, Student
For some participants the training enrich their mind and used as a key for their career development and for some it was simply participation and for the rest it was a fun
– M/tech Tadesse W/Mariyam, Teacher
Really this type of intervention can create an opportunity for students specially kids nurturing their talent, skill and they become a future scientist and determine their future career through extensive hands-on STEM learning on Laboratories environment and mainly by enhancing creativity. Promoting and Implementing a STEM concept is key factor for success of the country.
– Anteneh Fiseha, Director

Creating a Community of STEM Partners

The act of partnering with local institutions and community organizations dramatically increases the impact potential of each of our projects. By sharing our resources and experience we come to see how are goals are aligned and are then better able to bring our vision into fruition.

Adama Science and Technology University
First established in 1993 as Nazareth Technical College, Adama Science and Technology University (ASTU) has been recognized by the Ethiopian Ministry of Education as a Center of Excellence in Technology for its programs in applied engineering and technology.
Adama Science and Technology University
Addis Ababa Science and Technology University
Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (AASTU) is a prestigious Ethiopian university, offering one of the top undergraduate and graduate-level STEM programs in East Africa. AASTU draws a large number of STEM center students and alumni through its doors each year.
Addis Ababa Science and Technology University
Association of Science Technology Centers
The ASTC is a fellowship of science and technology organizations. They come together to advocate and further encourage development in their field by facilitating conference events and offering supportive professional services.
Association of Science Technology Centers
Bahir Dar University STEM Center
Bahir Dar University (BDU) STEM Center is one of several successful STEM centers partnerships born from the Ethiopian National University STEM Outreach Program. It is home to ten labs, an auditorium, and a wing designed specifically for the training of new science lab teachers.
Bahir Dar University STEM Center
Hawassa University STEM Center
Hawassa University (HU) STEM Center is a recent participant in STEM Synergy’s Shared Science Campus program offering promising secondary school students access to its modern equipment in the summer months.
Hawassa University STEM Center
Kelamino STEM
Kelamino STEM Center has been teaching secondary school students the study of optics, mechanics, internet technology, electronics, and electrical engineering since 2011.
Kelamino STEM