Ethiopian National Science
Engineering and Robotics Fair

Established in 2016

Celebrating Scientific Achievement for a Better World

The Ethiopian National Science, Engineering and Robotics Fair was formed to forge a connection between science and society and to celebrate scientific and technological innovation before a national and international audience. This annual event highlights the growing relevance of a strong education in STEM subjects for youth and the opportunity to cement a path forward for developing communities to peaceful prosperity.

Students from across Ethiopia including any one of our 13 STEM centers located in Ethiopia are encouraged to participate and compete in the fair, which offers fun additional opportunities for collaboration and partnership among peers, and inspiration for a future in STEM.


Science Fairs are a Microcosm For Real World Possibilities

Our STEM centers hold local-level fairs each year. Every science fair is different because it is the students’ individual curiosity and area of focus that bring them to life. Through its implementation students are able to see how their own ideas can impact the world in which they live and change lives.

  • The science fair offers students a chance to explore a topic or question that they personally find interesting and showcase their critical thinking skills.
  • By participating in the robotics competition students demonstrate an in-depth level of understanding in the innovative subjects of engineering and technology.
  • Each student gets to experience the rigor and sense of accomplishment that comes when their experiment is “judged” by a real scientist or engineer.
  • These students develop a sense of pride and satisfaction by performing in front of their community. Participation in a science fair helps build grit and determination to do better the following year, fueling their drive towards excellence.
Students are able to get hands on education with highly experienced and qualified teachers, this helped them to be a problem solver of their environment and world class competitor on their science projects.
– Ato Eyoel Hailu, Teacher
… besides gaining scientific knowledge our stay in the center has helped us to know each other and one another, to work in groups and to learn from group members in addition to pass our time in a precious and valuable places.
– Eden Seife, Student
The competition is pursued with the intention to give the nation a competitive in the global economy. Amazingly, every participant shares same vision.
– Getachew Gezahegn, Director

Partnering for a Common Cause

Every year several of Ethiopia’s leading national institutions join together with national and international leaders, NGOs, and the media to promote innovation through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics while comemorating World Science Day for Peace and Development. Their partnership demonstrates their common belief that science education plays a crucial role in the growth of developing nations.

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