STEM TV reaching a wide audience in Ethiopia

by Mark Gelfand | 28 Aug 2018
  You probably know that STEM Synergy has established STEM Centers and other science&engineering programs across Ethiopia.  But how to reach students in remote rural areas?  Internet access is unavailable to most students, due to limited infrastructure and financial resource.  Our partnership with YG  Productions is bringing STEM enrichment excitement to millions of Ethiopian students who have village access to electricity.  Our new weekly show "Science TV Series" is produced entirely within Ethiopia, is broadcasting on the Walta satellite channel, and is already reaching many thousands of viewers. A typical episode, with English subtitles added:
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Foka STEM girls in Technovation-Ethiopia 2018

by Mark Gelfand | 29 May 2018
Seventeen girls' teams competed in the Technovation-Ethiopia 2018 event, which was held in the capital city of Addis Ababa on May 19, 2018. Our Foka-STEM-Center in Bishoftu town (45 km south of the capital) fielded two teams, which were the first entrants ever from outside the capital. One of our teams (Team "Hora") won its Junior Division's first place! 
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Opening new doors for girls in South Sudan and KRI

by Mark Gelfand | 9 Mar 2018
While many of STEM Synergy's programs are in Ethiopia, other deserving locales benefit from our STEM education initiatives. With our partner IsraAID, we have had major impact in South Sudan and the Kurdish Region of Iraq. Honoring the annual International Women's Day, our programs continue to provide women and girls with pathways toward major roles in their societies.
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STEM Center emerging: Liqa in Wolaita-Sodo

by Mark Gelfand | 27 Feb 2018
Entering the new Liqa mini STEM Center, in Wolaita-Sodo, November 11, 2017 This is the story of STEM Synergy's fourteenth STEM Center in Ethiopia.  The site is the Liqa Boarding School in Ethiopia's beautiful southern zone of Wolaita .  Our newest STEM Center is a "mini" type, where the school's existing facilities are modified to hold two new engineering labs.  Regardless of configuration, our STEM Centers are partners in pre-university STEM enrichment.
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Ethiopian Herald visits Foka-STEM-Center

by Mark Gelfand | 22 Feb 2018
Foka STEM Center, in Bishoftu city, Oromiya regional state, Ethiopia On February 10, 2018, reporters from the national newspaper Ethiopian Herald  visited STEM Synergy's first STEM Center to learn first-hand about the Center's role in transforming the nation's approach to STEM education.   Discussion topics included the many hands-on programs that were spawned from this Center.  These programs have better prepared thousands of students for their future university science, computer, and engineering studies.
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First STEM Center in South Sudan Opens

by Mark Gelfand | 7 Dec 2017
Juba University STEM Center, opened November 13, 2017 After overcoming challenging years of instability and carefully avoiding the effects of hyperinflation, STEM Synergy and local stakeholders have succeeded in opening the first STEM Center in South Sudan's capital city, Juba. The University of Juba now enjoys the first science and engineering education laboratories in all of South Sudan. Also within the same university compound, we've established the first Vocational Training Center to teach the principles of construction trades, including a large garage for learning automobile and light truck repair. The STEM and Vocational campus empowers South Sudan to develop a critical mass of technically skilled workers, a key element to building a strong and independent nation.

Ethiopian National Science Fair Highlights STEM Synergy's Role in Transforming Science Education

by STEM Synergy | 14 Nov 2017
Mark Gelfand helps award winners of the National Science, Engineering and Robotics Fair STEM Synergy has helped to make STEM and virtual computing centers, labs, and museums more accessible across Ethiopia, the national newspaper Ethiopian Herald reported, 15 November, 2017. “STEM Synergy … has been complementing the government’s ongoing efforts to bring about transformation in science and technology,” the article said, noting how these efforts are aimed at developing the culture of science and technology and therefore improve competitiveness.


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