Our History

About STEM Synergy

STEM Synergy was inspired by the science and academic enrichment programs at the Yemin Orde Youth Village ("YOYV") in Israel.  Half of the village's resident students are of Ethiopian heritage, some are of mixed African origin, and most students are considered at-risk.

In 2004, the Gelfand Family Charitable Trust established the village's Science Center.  That new technical facility encouraged the Ethiopian immigrant students to dream of sophisticated engineering through participation in the international FIRST Robotics Competition.  The team showed energy and skill with their evolving robotics designs.  By their seventh year of participation in the FIRST Competition, the students won top prize in Israel -- an incredible achievement.

Yemin Orde Robotics Team, behind their winning robot.   Yemin Orde Robotics Team, being honored by the late P.M. Shimon Peres

As the Ethiopian students' Robotics Team was earning increasingly impressive awards in Israel, their success also paved the way for establishing STEM as an educational endeavor in their homeland.  STEM Synergy became a successor of the Gelfand initiatives in Ethiopia and adjoining nations.  Since then, we've established of over 90 STEM learning sites (STEM centers, computing labs, shared-science high schools, national science competitions, science museums.)  And we've established more STEM learning sites in neighboring countries.

The vast majority STEM programs on this website were established by the STEM Synergy Founder and numerous good-hearted technically-proficient local colleagues and friends, residing in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, and Kurdistan KRI.  Most photos appearing on the pages of this website originate from before the time that STEM Synergy began operating, and remain the property of the Founder.  The Founder permits the use of those photos, for the purpose of enhancing this website.

Tigray Region, Ethiopia
Bahir Dar University, Bahir Dar, Statul Amhara, Ethiopia